Past Conferences

Registering for the Francis Marins Hotel

SASA 2009 Call for Papers

2007, University of Mississippi:   “Blues Tunes/Blues Texts: Music, Literature and Cultures in the Global South,” staged jointly with the 5th annual Blues Today Symposium and the Southern Anthropological Society Conference

2005, Louisiana State University:  “Coastal Cultures/Islands and Rims:  Remapping the Realm of American Studies”

2003, Florida State University:  “Regionalisms in this Age of Globalization”

2001, in Atlanta: “Commencement de Siècle:  American Culture for New Centuries”

1999, in Wilmington, NC:  “Memory and the American Century”

1997, in Seaside, FL:  “American Communities:  Past and Present”

1995, in Clearwater, FL:  “Cultural Counterpoint:  American Themes and Improvisation”

1993, in New Orleans:  “Crossroads of Culture”

1991, in Williamsburg: “Inventing the Past: Power, Politics, Poetics”

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